Infinity in the Classroom

Although it seems to be one of the most confounding things in mathematics, infinity can be a gateway drug to deeply personal mathematical experiences. It connects instantly to big, personal questions about life and death, power and control, the beginning of time and the end of the Universe. All of that makes infinity a great focal point for improving Common Core, and for sharpening mathematical literacy in the schools more generally. But really, everyone would benefit from more close encounters of the infinite kind.

-Sarah Scoles, “How thinking about infinity changes kids’ brains on math”

I’m on vacation this week, so there will be no new original material on Point at Infinity. Instead, I will point you towards a couple of interesting things other people have written.

Today, we look at a piece written for Aeon Magazine by Sarah Scoles about how thinking about infinity can lead to real experiential engagement with mathematics, something unfortunately rare in many classrooms. Enjoy!


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