…trying to master chess is like trying to master the infinite, and the psychological consequences can be transcendent or terrifying.

I’ve been busy traveling lately, so, in lieu of a new post, I’m just giving you a couple of literary links today.

First, a piece at The Millions about depictions of chess in literature. Chess, like the infinite, is often depicted in the popular imagination as an object of obsession, a pursuit that can lead either to transcendence or madness. This is often a little overwrought, but certainly entertaining.

“Plunging Into the Infinite: How Literature Captures the Essence of Chess” by Matthew James Seidel

Next, at LitHub, a selection of artwork inspired by Italo Calvino’s wonderful Invisible Cities, a novel exploring the infinite permutability of the urban environment.

Art Inpired by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities” by Emily Temple

Cover image: “Zenobia” by Maria Monsonet


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